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Thailand Series: Day Two Evening

This was a night of assignments, God assignments to go out into the darkest of dark and be God’s light. This assignment was not a easy one for what we were going to see. The focus of our eyes and attention was not on the actions that we were seeing, but on the hearts of those trapped into this lifestyle.

Prayer covering was of the upmost importance. We gathered at 8:30 pm for an orientation and time of prayer before we headed out into the bars. The women went into the bars and the men stayed back at the meeting site to pray. We were divided into groups of five with one being our leader who had experience with this type of outreach. As we walked through the curtains we saw some men and women sitting around the booths. The room was set up in a U shape with each booth facing the center of the room, the staged dance floor.

Our assignment was to ask God to lead us to the right woman or women to talk with. We were instructed to buy them a coke which would allow them to sit and talk with us. Our group split into two groups, myself and my wonderful new friend from Australia sat down in one of the booths. We scanned the room asking God to lead us to who we were to talk with.

For a moment as I scanned the room my heart wept for the women dancing on the stage as all eyes were on them. This was not their purpose. This was not what they were created to do. Once again I looked into their eyes and I could see the blank stares looking back at me, at all of us. The emptiness, the despair and hopelessness flowed out of the them for all to see. Sadly, most in the bars did not see or care about their hearts. Instead, these women were used for one purpose and that was the entertainment and sexual use by others.

Behind me was a young woman and we turned to her and asked if we could buy her a drink.

She came and joined us and we began a conversation that at times was difficult due to the language barrier. This beautiful girl, number 97, had come from Pattaya where she had worked for six years in a hospital. She had a four year old son who lived with her mother and she only saw him once or twice a month. She had been in Bangkok dancing for one month.

Our assignment was simple. It was an assignment anyone of us could do. It was not to preach at them, to say words that would bring more shame to them for what they were doing, or to judge them. Instead, we were to love these women, to be Christ’s hands and feet to them.

The Thai people are, in general, very loving people and they express their love through touch. This young women kept touching me, not inappropriately, and I would grab her hand with both of mine and tell her that she had a beautiful heart. Jesus saw her beautiful heart.

Can you love those in the midst of their pain and suffering with the pure love of Jesus which does not judge?

We loved on this beautiful woman with a pure love. This love had no motive to use her or to take from her, but instead to give to her a gift of love and acceptance.

This night we were able to minister to two beautiful young women, both who had been dancing for only one month. We gathered as much information as we could from them to give back to the outreach team at the end of the night.

Number 97 and 48 are more than a number. They are beautiful women who are being used for sex trafficking. My heart aches for what they experience on a daily basis. We could not begin to understand or relate to the pain, abuse, and shame they deal with each and every day.

As I have continued to say through these many posts about Thailand, this is not a Thailand issue, but a world issue. Sex tourism is a huge industry in Thailand. Seven out of ten men who travel to Thailand are involved in the sex trade. They pay to have sex with children, women, and lady boys on the streets and in the bars. A large percentage of those in the sex trade have STD’s or AIDS. These are passed to and from those who come to pay for sex.

Would you join me today in praying for this beautiful nation, Thailand?

Would you ask God what is your part in the healing and restoration of Thailand?


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“Whereas the object and purpose of our instruction and charge is love, which springs from a pure heart and a good (clear) conscience and sincere (unfeigned) faith.” 1 Timothy 1:5 Amplified Version

“Incline your ear (submit and consent to the divine will) and come to Me; hear, and your soul will revive; and I will make an everlasting covenant or league with you, even the sure mercy (kindness, goodwill, and compassion) promised to David.” Isaiah 55: 3 Amplified Version