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Soul Fast

Soul Fast

This is what the Lord has been speaking to me. To call others to join me in a Soul Fast.

In the world we live in today, so much of the focus is on soulish thoughts and desires. We react to one another out of our flesh, out of our opinion and perceptions, and yes out of our hurts. We project our soulish needs onto others and then get upset with them when they don’t meet our needs.

Now, this may offend some of you, but I”m going to keep going on here. We have forgotten the GREATNESS, the MAJESTY of who our GOD is and of who and what we are not. We’ve made ourselves into little gods sitting on our thrones, trying to lead others in our kingdom of self. We’ve made idols out of ourselves, out of our soulish needs, wants, opinions, perceptions, feelings and thoughts.

Our focus, remember the Israelites who built a idol to worship while Moses was on the mountain talking with God, has centered around ourselves and the idols we worship. We’ve got to be honest with ourselves. Who is sitting on the throne in your life? Who does your life center around? Is it yourself or God?

It’s time to FAST our SOUL, our FLESH, the things that have become our focus over GOD! There is a battle going on within each of us, who will we focus on, what will we feed ourselves on? Is it on our thoughts, wants, and feelings or on God, His Word, and spending time in prayer and worship.

Our focus determines the level of relationship we have with God.

✅ Are you wanting more of God in your life? Fast your soul.

✅ Are you needing breakthrough? Fast your soul.

✅ Are you struggling to let go of the past? Fast your soul.

✅ Do you get hurt and offended easily? Fast your soul.

✅ Do your past hurts impact your day to day life? Fast your soul.

Soul Fast.

What is a soul fast? Our soul is our mind, will and emotions and they have become little gods in our day. Our wants and desires, our thoughts, perceptions and opinions, and our feelings are how we are making daily life decisions, how we react to others, and they are ruling our lives.

A SOUL FAST is fasting from letting your wants, your thoughts/opinions, and your feelings from ruling your life. Just because we think it, feel it or want it, doesn’t mean it’s true or good for us.

So let’s FAST these things. These type of statements are signs to us:

I want ______________

I think ______________

I feel _______________

How many times a day do we say things similar to these statements above?

In order to be truly Spirit-led and not flesh-led, we need to die to ourselves, pick up our cross and follow Jesus, wherever that takes us.

I’m asking you to join me in a SOUL FAST for the next 30 days or more. How much more so would our lives be transformed, our minds renewed, as we do a SOUL FAST.

Looking for those who are wanting to grow in their faith and relationship with God, who are serious about transformation and ready and willing to surrender to God to join me in this fast. 🔥🔥🔥