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Soul Care Week Two

How has your soul been this past week? How is it today?

Did you focus on the five Psalms I shared last week? For me, there have been times those are what were holding me together. You too?

What a week we have had as a nation and across the world. Today more than ever, we need to focus on being grounded in Christ. Anxiety and fear are rampant, and we as Christians find our peace and hope through Jesus alone and not in our circumstances. However, truth be told, many of us, Christians too, are struggling right now to find our peace with the Covid-19 virus spreading so quickly.

This is week two of our Soul Care Series, Grounding in Christ and I’m telling you, friends, if we do these steps each week, we will find the sure foundation we are desperate to find in the middle of the chaos we are facing right now in our towns, states, nations, and world.

Our soul is comprised of our mind, will, and emotions. Right now, many of us are struggling with negative and fear-led thoughts. Our emotions are driving us as well, with fear, anxiety, uncertainty, worry, and more. Our will, well, for many, is refusing to submit to the authority God has placed in our lives and to God’s divine authority.

As we focus on our soul care, this week, we are getting our thoughts back on the goodness around us instead of the fear, anxiety, or triggers we are facing being our focus. Last week our focus was on five Psalms for the week, reading one each day and turning them into a prayer. Continuing with our 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 activity I introduced last week, this week we are on 4.

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Here’s the plan: Each day, we need to write out four things we can see we are thankful for and then take time to pray and give thanks to God for those four things. Remember, each day brings new mercies, so we need to find four new things we are thankful for.

Our goal is to focus on the beauty in our day to day lives. Pause, take notice, rest your soul, and let the Holy Spirit minister to you as you do this. Remember, these steps help us to take our eyes off of what our soul wounds were telling us and placing them on the truth of God.

Oh, and don’t forget to end the day reading one of the same Psalms we used last week. We are saturating our minds with God’s Word and thankfulness this week as each week is a building block upon the previous.

I am so excited about going on this journey with you over the next few weeks. Would you join me as we take our focus off of our triggers and on to our God? I am praying for you and with you, my friend.

Blessings Friend,

P.S. If you have a friend who you believe needs to hear this message, please be sure to share it with them.