About Kristin


If I had only a few moments of your time

I would say…

You are brave! You are beautiful! Restoration is for you!

It doesn’t matter what life difficulties have brought you, God is here to restore and renew your soul, today! No one is beyond the healing power of God. Those dreams you’ve given up on, are waiting for you.

You are valuable, you have purpose, you are a treasure.

Let me walk with you through this process of restoring your soul…

Greetings friend, I’m Kristin Clouse

I am a pastor, licensed counselor, and follower of Christ, who is passionate about seeing individuals find freedom, healing and restoration in their lives. In my counseling practice I work with children, teens, adults, families and couples. I am the founder of The Restore Movement which focuses on walking with women through healing and restoration from live difficulties, pains, loss, and more.

I am a author, a speaker, a friend, a wife, a mother, a teacher, and mentor to women.

As a pastor, speaker and teacher, through storyteller and allegorical examples, I love to impart life, freedom, and healing to many.

As a counselor I create a safe environment and guide individuals to explore past hurts, to be healed from deep wounds, to discover who and what God created them to be, and to restore their soul to it’s fullness.

I teach individuals to love who they are, to be brave, and to overcome obstacles in their lives.

I encourage individuals into a deeper relationship with Christ. Learning to trust even when we have been wounded greatly.

I equip individuals to see who they really are, not what the negative thoughts tell them.


Future. I am currently working on creating a series of children’s book on restoration and healing from sexual abuse, with the same concept as my recently published book for women. Writing more books on healing for our souls from grief, loss, difficulties in life….the option are limitless as we all need healing in our souls.  More writing, speaking, counseling, teaching, ministry.

My life and loves. I married the love of my life, Rick. I have two amazing adult children who are both married and following their dreams and callings for their lives, and a grandmother to three beautiful granddaughters. I love to garden and spend most of my off time in the spring and summer working on my flower garden that is ever growing! I love to create through a variety of art forms. I love my friends, family, and chocolate! Caramel and milk chocolate are one of my greatest pleasures in life! Decaffeinated Chai Tea is a joy!

I LOVE …. to minister to women, teach, counsel, speak, write, mentor, and am so honored that God has blessed me to be a part of the healing process in others. I compare this to running in a marathon and find it so rewarding. I feel the calling and purpose in my life to walk with others through the restoration season in their lives and believe God has this for all. I truly believe and know God has done amazing things in my life and hold dear to the fact that I am no different than anyone else. God has healed me, restored me, and raised me to be who He created me to be. I see the same healing for every other individual God gives me the opportunity to minister to. God is the great Counselor and Physician and He truly can turn all things around for His glory! My story is proof of that.