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Joy is Coming!

Psalms 30:5 ~ Weeping may stay overnight, but there is joy in the morning.

In the night hours, when life seems to be so overwhelming, it feels as if you can’t catch your breath. Struggles are real and they hurt. Sometimes the pain is so excruciating you wonder if you will survive the night. 

During the season of darkness, it is easy to focus on loss and feeling hopeless in your situation. It’s difficult to see or understand why the issues you are facing are in your life. You question if life will ever get better, will you ever catch a break or is this how life will be from now on? For others, you are in survival mode, trying to keep your head above the raging waves crashing around you. 

In the middle of the night, it is hard to have hope or to see the end is near. However, the night does not last forever. Our life patterns follow the cycle of life God created all around us. One season gives way to another. The night surrenders to day and day gives way to the night. Although the length of day and night changes with the seasons, day time is guaranteed. 

In this scripture, God is reminding us that although life is difficult and your sorrow is great, joy is coming. The joy of the Lord is our strength and when we focus on the Lord in the middle of our night season, God will strengthen us, sustain us, mold us, transform us and touch us deeply.

Victories in the night season are possible. It’s all about changing our perspective. In the bible we see these examples of victories in the night season:

~ Jacob wrestled with God and would not let God go until he was blessed. His walk was forever changed and God gave him a new name, Israel. 

~ Joseph was forsaken and sold by his brothers, forgotten and in prison, and then God used all these things to strategically put him in a place of authority.

~ Job lost everything, and his faith grew in his dark season and God restored him.

~ Moses reacted in his flesh, ran away, and created a new life. As he was hidden away, God came to him in a powerful way which set the pace for God to use him greatly in his later years.

~ Peter denied Christ at his worst, but God knew this was to happen. God loved him, saw his potential and worth beyond his actions, and used him boldly to share the gospel.

God is doing a deeper work in us during our dark seasons. This work will propel us into our next season of life. Hold on my friend, God is here with you.

In the middle of my own night season, my prayer is simple:

God, use what is breaking me for your glory. Take this dark season of my soul, turn my life around, and may others see Jesus shine brightly through me. God realign me into the fullness of who you created me to be. I surrender my plans, my life, my everything and my all to you. Holy Spirit breathe life into my weary bones once again and put me on your path for my life. Lord give me your strength, peace, joy, and hope in the middle of the darkness. In Jesus Name, Amen

Today, in the middle of your night season, the dark season of the soul, surrender it all to Jesus. Instead of focusing on the issues that have lead you to this night season, lift your eyes to where our help comes from, the Lord our Savior. 

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6 thoughts on “Joy is Coming!

    1. Thanks so much, Marja! I am grateful God gives us examples of real-life people who have struggled and have come out on the other side. Blessings friend ❤️

  1. I have experienced this personally and I am definitely in the better part of life, but man when it’s dark it’s really dark… But you are spot on with God restoring you and using your pain for His glory…

    1. Thanks Zachery for your honest comments. So grateful for God’s presence in the dark seasons. Blessings friend!

  2. I have a friend who isn’t a follower of Jesus but I will be sharing this with her. She is in a deep night season and needs these words!
    Thank you!

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