Counseling Services

Kristin Clouse, MA LPCC

Hope     Healing     Restoration

“As an experienced counselor I can help you work toward healing, growth, and well-being.”

Do you wish…

you felt more joyful and fulfilled?

you felt less stressed or overwhelmed?

you coped better with life’s challenges?

you could break unhelpful habits?

Do you imagine…

your relationships being closer?

your life being well balanced?

your goals being within reach?

Hope. Support. Restore.

Finding peace, especially in tough situations, can be difficult. Without help, the stress may increase. I am committed to assisting you in finding beneficial solutions to the dilemmas you face.

Some of the focus areas of counseling I work with are:

Individual Counseling
Couple & Family Relationships
Trauma Issues (PTSD)
Depression, Stress & Anxiety
Adolescent & Teen Issues
Children Issues & Play Therapy
Parenting Skills

Women’s Issues
Physical, Sexual & Emotional Abuse
Grief & Loss

Counseling services will focus on these issues, as well as other personal issues that you are dealing with that have not been mentioned.

Through counseling I can provide the appropriate therapy compatible with your needs. Therapy is a collaborative process where you and I form a working relationship that is designed to facilitate change and growth during times of transitional, emotional or psychological distress.

An overall plan for treatment and goals will be designed and discussed with you. The length of your treatment will depend on your own personal goals and the types of problems to be addressed.

The following types of treatment plans can be employed:

• Individual Therapy
• Marriage Counseling
• Services for Adults, Adolescents and Children
• Family Therapy
• Pre-Marital Counseling
• Group Therapy
• Workshops
• Play/Art Therapy
• Christian Counseling


Most insurances are accepted.


New Office: 722 Main St., Paris, Kentucky – Opens May 1, 2022

Telehealth: I will continue to provide Telehealth counseling appointments.

Please call to inquire about services at (360)880-3501.

Thank you, Kristin