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Moments of Peace





Dear Be {You} tiful Soul,


Today my thoughts are towards those who are struggling with feeling overwhelmed by life issues. Maybe you are a tired mom who feels exhausted and who never has a moment to herself? Or maybe you are overwhelmed by feelings of hurt, pain, and loss and often finding yourself in tears and feeling broken. For others it may be there is so much on your plate, much not by your choice, and you don’t know where to start first.


For many of us, we may feel we just want to crawl back into bed, pull the covers over us, and go back to sleep. Truth be told, for some of us that is exactly what we need to do. We live in overdrive. Sleeping and eating little as we have so much to do.



Today I want to encourage you to take time to rest and nurture yourself.



How do I do that you ask????



“My life is so full I don’t know where to start.”



“I don’t think I can do that with all I have to do.”



Here are a few steps to get started on the road of learning to have moments of rest.


1. First we must give ourselves permission to rest. This is very difficult as many of us are performance led in what we do. Seeking approval of others is often the underline issue in us being so busy. Today, just start with today, give yourself permission to rest. Don’t focus on tomorrow, just today.


2. Meditate on God’s word today. Start with Matthew 6:34, “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes. (MSG)


3. For today, let go of the “should’s” and just be in the moment. Too often our focus is on tomorrow, on what we need to do or should be doing. When we aren’t doing what be believe or feel pressured to be doing we feel guilty. Instead, enjoy the moment and rest in your today’s.



So, friends, grab your cup of tea, coffee or favorite cool and refreshing drink. Find a place to rest whether a bath, out on your deck or in your favorite chair and just rest. Enjoy today for what it is and not what you feel you should be doing!



Enjoy dear friends!

With Love, Kristin

4 thoughts on “Moments of Peace

  1. Thanks so much for this article. Timing is so perfect for me. Feeling a little overwhelmed with too much to do. Deadlines for reports that I have not started yet. But I am going to take some time for me and spend some time in prayer. I know it is going to get better.

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