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Quieting My Soul

In the middle of my weariness, there came a quieting of my soul.

As I lay in bed, too weak to rise…
As my body ached from sickness within…
As my lungs burned and coughing came again and again…
As my daily activities became small and limited…

In the middle of the battle of my body fighting Covid, there came a quieting of my soul.

Less was better.
Time stood still.
Things that had been important no longer held the weight or control over me.
I was limited to sitting, resting, letting go, surrendering, and leaning on Jesus alone.

It was in that place there came a quieting of my soul.

Distractions were no longer calling to me.
Goals were laid down.
Dreams were put on the shelf.
My focus shifted from a wide lens to a narrow one.

Family video calls where I watched more than I talked to my children and grandchildren.
Binge-watching family tv shows for entertainment.
Worship songs playing in the background as I sat back into my chair.
Small conversations with my husband as he sat in the hallway as I laid on our bed, giving me the recap of his day.

This is what my life had become. Then there came a quieting of my soul.

My thoughts often went to those who are battling sickness.
Prayers were called out for them, for me.
I had a small glimpse into the life of those who are bravely fighting cancer or more.

Tears rolling down my cheeks as I was wheeled into the exam room at the hospital.
Alone, uncertain, tired, sick, and overwhelmed.
Medical staff, God’s angels, taking care of me.
Laying on the bed in a small room, alone.
My thoughts and prayers went to those who filled the rooms within the hospital, fighting sickness as well.

It was at that moment, there came a quieting of my soul.

In your own life, right now, is your soul quieted and resting in God, or does it feel chaotic, busy, and overwhelmed?

Life can bring us what we need. Life can also cause us to refocus.

Life can be full, and it can be empty.
Life can be filled with joy, and it can be sorrowful.

In the middle of all, I faced with battling Covid and its symptoms for 36 days and still counting; this, I know now more than ever. God is still on the throne. That’s right. With most activities being stripped away, the beauty of simplicity settled into my soul. It wrapped itself around my bones and gave me peace. Rest became my priority. It was all I could do. My thoughts were decluttered of all distractions, and the simplicity of life became my friend.

It sat with me.
It spoke to me.
It became my companion.

See, my body was in a battle. Much like the enemy of our soul, Satan, this virus found the weak places within my body, and it attacked them. As the vulnerable places were under attack, my body was grappling with pain and my mind with the uncertainty of walking through to the other side. Others shared their opinions or experiences of losing a loved one to this ugly virus and guarding my heart, mind, and what I allowed into my soul became one of my priorities.

As I leaned on Jesus, there came a quieting of my soul.

What battles do you face today? What struggles are you wrestling with within your life? In the middle of your battles are you looking for God encounters that will bring a quieting of your soul?

Look for them my friend, they are there waiting for you.

This lesson I have learned from my experience is less is better, quiet is golden, and a wide lens can take away from the beauty of simplicity God has for us. Today, I encourage you to pause, to rest, and be with Jesus. Notice the beauty in life around you. Smell the roses. Watch the gentling snow falling from the sky. Listen to the chatter of young ones as they play. Savor the homemade food before you. Rest in the arms of our Savior.

And as you do, there will come a quieting of your soul as well.

3 thoughts on “Quieting My Soul

  1. Thank you, Kristen, for your reflections. A very good Word , indeed. I hadn’t known that you had been sick. So thankful for our loving, heavenly Father. Prayers for continued healing.

  2. Kristin I’m praying for your recovery so you can continue on with the mission He has placed before you☀️

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