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Pause with Jesus – Week One


Week One Seek –

Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on learning to Pause with Jesus here at Restored by Love with Kristin Clouse. Our lives are so busy and it’s important to take a Pause time where we seek God, not for what He can do for us, but to just be in His Presence. 

Psalms 27:8 – When You said, “Seek My face,” My heart said to You, “Your face, Lord, I will seek.” 

The word “seek” in Hebrew is baqash pronounced baw-kash. It means literally to seek, aim, desire, eager, search, pursuit, set about and sought. In this particular scripture, seek is associated with seeking God’s face which often was used to refer to God’s Presence. 

These words show us that “seeking” is a word that requires action on our part. In order to be in God’s Presence, I, we, need to “seek” Him. We need to eagerly, pursue, desire, aim, and search for God’s Presence with total abandonment to Him. Nothing else stopping us as we focus on being in God’s Presence, seeking His face, and allowing Him to speak to our hearts directly.

In order for us to “seek” God, we need to make adjustments in our lives, our schedule, our plans and allow the Holy Spirit to interrupt our agendas as we take action to be with God. This week we will do this through prayer and worship.

I am praying as each of us, yes I am right there with you, as we take time to “seek” Jesus, “be” with Jesus, and that God will speak to each of us clearly and profoundly. May we each have powerful encounters over these next few weeks with the Holy Spirit, the Presence of God, in such a tangible way that we feel a spiritual shift taking place in our lives, in our restoration process, which changes the course of our lives. 

I am so looking forward to hearing from each of you what God speaks to your heart this week. Be sure to comment below so we can encourage one another in our Pause with Jesus time 🙂 As the weeks go by, I will also be posting some worship songs to intentional draw us into a time of worship with Jesus, as well as some suggested actions to take as we all learn to Pause with Jesus.


Call to Action:

Make adjustments in our daily schedules to Pause with Jesus.

Commit to 15 minutes a day (or more) where you spend time seeking Jesus in your life.

Read Psalms 27 and journal what the Holy Spirit whispers to you heart.


With Love,

Kristin Clouse