God's Protection, Kristin Clouse, Peace

God’s Got This!



I’m not sure about you, but my life is busy! I have a full private practice as a counselor, I’m launching my soon to be published book, and I’m the founder of The Restore Movement which is on the move! So much happening and life is full, but it’s that good kind of full, you know, the kind where you know you are in God’s will for your life? Yea, that kind of full.

The other morning, I surprisingly didn’t have a 9:00 am appointment at my practice and was able to stay home an extra hour. Wow, I absolutely love when I get to have a slower morning. I was sitting on my couch enjoying the peace and quiet. I had just finished my bible reading and devotion time and was catching up on the morning news. Suddenly, there was a loud pop and the box heater went off. I got up to see what happened, as this heater never overloads the system and blows the breaker. I turned off the heater and went to unplug it from the outlet and I saw a flicker of red in the outlet. I quickly unplugged the heater and just as quickly flames began to fly out of the outlet. I hurriedly removed all the coats and scarves hanging on the wall above the flames, called my husband and then call 911. My husband was just a few minutes away and he and a friend quickly arrived to save the day. The put the fire out, cut a large hole in the wall and insured that the fire was out inside the wall as well. The fire department arrived, inspected the damage and informed us that yes the fire was out.

Here’s the beautiful things friends, I turned the heater off the night before and had just turned it back on that morning. We found it was the plug to the heater that went bad and not our outlet. If this had happened the night before, my husband and I would not be here today as our bedroom is upstairs above where the fire started. If I had gone to work on time, we would have come home to a completely destroyed home and lost our pet cats.

God was thinking of us through all of this. My turning off the heater, my schedule being open, and being able to be home later than usual, God was in the midst. God was thinking of me.

God is thinking of you.

How many close calls do we have where God is protecting us from?

The almost accident that happens while driving.

The delays that cause us to run late.

Maybe, just maybe God is protecting you, us.

See, God’s got this!

God’s word says in Psalms 121:5 (NLT), “The LORD himself watches over you! The LORD stands beside you as your protective shade.”

Remember today, who is watching over you and that truly God is with you! God’s got this!

Blessings friends!