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2019 Tips to Finding Your Word

Over the past few years there has been a movement of change in how we view the new year coming in and our focus. For many, New Year’s Day is about resolutions, goals we plan to focus on for the upcoming year. The down side of resolutions is that we often set ourselves up for failure instead of new beginnings. With resolutions we focus on what we need to change, what is wrong, or habits we need to do no more.

With transitioning our thought process to a Word of the Year, our focus begins to shift into something new, fresh and exciting. It’s becomes about growing as a person, in our faith, and in all aspect of our lives. Personally, I’ve been doing this for the past few years and it has completely transformed me.

Some of my words in the past have been: Undiscovered Territory, Be Expectant, Dream Beyond and Believe. Each of these words represent times of growth, transition, newness, stretching, growing, pressing in, difficulties, learning, and letting go. I’ve learned so much from each of these words. Now I’m not just passively saying I’ve learned, but seriously my life has been shaped by the hand of God for each year that I am so grateful for.

This year my word is Deep. I am filled with excitement as I know this word is my theme for the year. Link to previous blog on this topic –

Some of you may be asking, “How do I find my Word of the Year?” Great question! I’ve included some tips to help you do just that!!!

Tips to Find Your Word

Tip #1

To start with, we need to let go of the concept that we need to find the “perfect” word. When we focus on perfection – finding the perfect word – we often become paralyzed to pick any word. We struggle, we freeze up, and our quest shifts to finding the perfect word, thus the battle of the perfectionist. Instead, pray, ask the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you to the right word for you for this next year, and help you to let go of pressures. It’s not about perfect, it’s abut the right word for the next season in your life. Don’t overthink it!

Tip #2

Ask yourself these questions:

– What are the areas I sense God is leading or speaking to me about?
– What do I want to work on this next year?
– What theme do I want to dominate my life this next year?
– Where do I need to grow in my faith, my relationships, personally, professionally, spiritually?
– What word is my gut speaking to me?

Tip #3

Write down your answers to these questions. Second, combine them into one or more paragraphs. Finally, circle the words or themes you notice throughout.

Tip #4

Use our list (see below) or a dictionary to find words or themes that you are drawn to?

Tip #5

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few words, look up the definitions and scriptures verses and meanings for these words. Doing this will help to clarify which word is the good word or right word for this next year.

Tip #6

You can also complete this sentence to help select your word or words. 2019 will be the year I…… (fill in the blank).

Tip #7

Remember to be authentic, the real YOU! This is about what this next season and year focus will be for you. It needs to be about you, what you feel God leading you in, and the word needs to resonate deep within your spirit.

Tip #8

Once you select your word, ask yourself these questions. Asking these questions will help you to become an active partner with Jesus for the next year ahead.

How does this word speak to my family,
my marriage,
my home,
my career,
my faith,
and my relationship with Jesus.

When you have your word, please share with me! I would love to hear what God is doing in and through your lives 🙂

Blessings dear friends,

List of Possible Words to Use:

Abide, Abundance, Acceptance, Achieve, Act, Adore, Adventure, Appreciate, Authenticity, Awake, Balance, Be, Believe, Blossom, Brave, Breathe, Build, Capture, Celebrate, Change, Charity, Clarity, Clean, Compassion, Connect, Contentment, Courage, Create, Diligence, Discipline, Discover, Dream, Embrace, Encourage, Endeavor, Engage, Equip, Expand, Explore, Faith, Family, Fearless, Flourish, Focus, Forgive, Forward, Free, Fresh, Gather, Give, Grace, Gratitude, Grow, Harmony, Healing, Hope, Ignite, Illuminate, Imagine, Inspiration, Integrity, Intention, Invite, Involved, Jesus, Journal, Journey, Joy, Kindness, Lead, Leap, Listen, Love, Mend, Mindful, Moment, Movement, Nest, Nurture, Observe, Open, Optimism, Overcome, Passion, Pause, Peace, Play, Ponder, Practice, Pray, Prepare, Present, Preserve, Prioritize, Proactive, Purpose, Quiet, Reconnect, Reduce, Refine, Reflection, Relationships, Relax, Relentless, Renew, Rest, Restore, Revel, Savor, Seek, Serve, Shine, Simplify, Soar, Slow, Story, Strength, Stretch, Surrender, Thankful, Thrive, Tranquility, Transformation, Trust, Unity, Vision, Wellness, Whisper, Wonder, Write