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How to Position Yourself in a Battle

Life is overwhelming at times. Truth be told, there are many times I wish there was a do over button I could push or let’s skip over this button. Haven’t found this yet, but wouldn’t it be nice? When facing a battle that seems unbeatable, to difficult, or to great to face I have to say at times I just want to go back to bed and hide under the covers until the battle passes. In my pre-Jesus days, I would make unhealthy choices in facing these battles, which in reality didn’t help the battles, they just covered up the pain for a moment.

When we cover up our pain, like I have in the past, it’s our way of trying to face or not face the battle in front of us. When Jehoshaphat learned of the unexpected battle that was before him with multiple nations coming to destroy Judah, he put himself and his nation in a position to hear from God for direction.

How did Jehoshaphat deal with the battle he was facing?

Immediately he called for a fast (verse 3). King Jehoshaphat felt in his spirit the urgency of the battle they were facing. He recognized the need and complete dependency on God for his answer. This fast was called to all of Judah, which positioned and aligned all of them to hear from God.

Some may ask, is fasting still vital for us today?

The answer is one hundred percent, absolutely, no doubt, YES!

It seems that fasting has become something that many believers no longer do, and we are missing a powerful act that aligns us to hear from God.

Let’s chat about some of the benefits of fasting:

1. Our focus is shifted. When we fast, our focus is set on God. Fasting is not just about giving up food, but about setting our lives aside to focus on God, to spend time with God, and to wait on Him. Our focus is then shifted from our battle and the circumstances to fixing our eyes on God.

2. Our hearts grow closer to God. As we set the time aside to fast and pray, God does a transformation within each of us. This transformation is a deep work within us, one that goes beyond the flesh, into the spirit, and our spiritual ears and eyes are open. In 2 Kings 6:17-20, Elisha prayed for the eyes of his servant to be opened. It is then his servant is able to see what Elisha is seeing, God’s mighty army all around them! As we spend time fasting, God opens our spiritual eyes to see what God sees in our battles.

3. Giving up control to God. As we fast, we are letting go of our will, our opinions, our concepts of how God “should” intervene in our battles, and we are submitting to God’s will. It’s about trusting God, truly trusting God in our circumstances, and leaning upon and into God. When we trust God, when we lean upon God in the midst of our trials, God steps in and intervenes. God did this for Jehoshaphat and many others in the bible and God does that for us too!

4. Fasting positions us. Fasting positions us and makes space for God to move supernaturally in our lives! As we submit, surrender and wait on God, God comes in and does what only God can do. He moves in the supernatural realm and defies all fleshly knowledge and ability and steps in on our behalf. He brings the resolution, the answer, the deliverance that goes beyond earthly abilities. He does what God does best! He brings a miracle, deliverance and breakthroughs in our lives supernaturally!

I encourage you today to consider fasting and prayer. Fasting is not just for the Old Testament times, but for today. Stepping into a time of fasting will truly transform and realign you in ways that can only happen as you fast and pray.

Blessings dear friends!