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Finding Moments of Rest



Dear Be {You} tiful Soul,



Have you ever had one of those days where you go into the pantry to find something, the door shuts behind you, and you notice there is something different. You feel like your equilibrium is off. You look around thinking to yourself, what is different?



Suddenly you have a “Aha” moment.


Silence. This is what is different.



Off in the distance you hear your children playing, using their imagination as the living room has become a space station. You are standing there and you find you are in a moment. It’s a moment of silence.


You think to yourself, “Could I just stay in here all day? Maybe they won’t notice I’m gone?”


You shake your head and tell yourself, “No, they’ll find me. They always do.”



The joys of motherhood. The joys of being a mother and of nurturing our beautiful children, especially in the summer months as they are home all day long. Last week, I talked to you about rest and you may have thought in response to what I wrote, “Oh, Kristin you have no idea of what chaos is taking place in my life right now. How am I going to find rest. I don’t have time to rest.”



School is out for summer, kids are home, and your home is filled with chaos, loudness, joy, tears, fighting, playing, and laughter. Every once in awhile there are those tender sweet moments when your children come and cuddle with you or your teenager comes and sits down by you and wants to talks. Those are all the moments we cherish as mothers.



I want to encourage you to find those moments of rest.


I would like to share with you some activities you can do in the middle of a busy life, in the middle of chaos, to find moments of rest.


First, engage your children in an activity which will give you moments of rest. It could be during their nap time, a designated time for them to do reading, or maybe it’s when they are outside playing in the pool or sprinkler.


Moments of rest aren’t always representative of moments of silence.


Moments of rest are about enjoying life and being in the moment.


Go be in the moment!


In the midst of your busy life, find those moments of rest, to stop your busyness and to embrace the beauty of life. Enjoy the sounds of laughter, of joy, of nature around you (if you are able to hear it over your children!), the gentle breeze, the warmth of the sun on your skin with a cool refreshing drink in your hand.


Recognize moments of rest does not always mean moments of silence.



Second, taking time to be alone with God. We can’t give out what we haven’t taken in first. When we don’t take the time to fill ourselves up with God’s word and time in fellowship with Him, we then often feel exhausted, overwhelmed, or frustrated.


Friends, I know what it is to have a full schedule and I continually need to be diligent about spending my time with God. However, what is important is make the time in our schedule and we follow through with it daily. We don’t need to schedule 2 hours of bible study, just find those moments of rest where you can read your scripture, meditate on God’s word for your life, and talk with Jesus about your day.


Finally, recognize your need for moments of rest.


When we focus so much on giving out to others, on cleaning, laundry, cooking, planning, and sticking to our schedule, we often forget to care for ourselves. Moments of rest are vital to our peace of mind and spirit.



My moment of rest today consists of me grabbing a cup of tea and going out into my garden to enjoy my beautiful flower garden and listen to the sounds of nature around me.



What is your moment of rest today? Would love to hear in the comments!


Enjoy dear friends!

With Love, Kristin

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